Laura Peracaula, general co-director of Suara Cooperativa, will be one of the 30 people who will form part of the Catalonia 2022 strategy working group, in which the Government of the Generalitat has given the green light. The group will work to draw the future after the current health crisis.

The Catalonia 2022 working group is coordinated by Genís Roca and Victoria Alsina, and brings together people from all walks of society, highlighting the talent of each of the members and from a completely independent perspective of the Government. In the case of Laura Peracaula, in her capacity as general co-director of Suara and president of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Intermedia, she will be able to contribute her perspective from the aspects of the social and cooperative economy, attention to people and working models.

The working group plans to have a first draft next autumn and close the final document in February 2021.

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