Suara's Director of Innovation, Jordi Picas, participated this Thursday, March 1, at the Mobile World Congress to explain the virtual community that the Cooperative develops, as well as the organization's commitment to social innovation and the deployment of the technology in the provision of the services of attention to the people. The event was part of the presentation of initiatives with social impact in M4Social activities promoted by the Board of Entities of the Third Social Sector of Catalonia.

In the case of Suara, the virtual community has been presented as part of a mobile application to bring communication to professional teams, as an extension of EspaiSuara, the corporate intranet that was worthy of the prize for the best strategy of internal communication of the College of Journalists of Catalonia in 2013. Likewise, Picas has exposed the deployment of Suara Lab, Suara’s social innovation laboratory, and other mobile applications to apply in the provision of services and people attended.

The presentation of M4Social has included other elements of social innovation by the City Council of Barcelona, Arrels Foundation, Sport2Live, the Sant Tomàs Association or the Miquel Valls Foundation.