The benchmark show in entrepreneurship in Barcelona, BizBarcelona, has awarded Suara Cooperativa with one of the recognitions "Barcelona never stops", with a mention in the category "Initiatives to maintain business activity". With this mention, BizBarcelona highlighted the work of the project "Suara at home", a free online service to provide emotional and physical support during confinement.

The first deputy mayor of Barcelona City Council, Jaume Collboni, underlined during the ceremony that "these awards want to recognize all the people and companies that have made possible that the city has not stopped economically, socially and culturally during the pandemic". Beyond the recognition of Suara, mentions were also made to 10 more proposals out of the 95 that opted this time.

The "Suara at Home" project was launched during the confinement for Covid-19 as a new online service to offer free psychology sessions, mourning support, coaching and physiotherapy. The Suara at Home project was activated shortly after the state of alert for the Coronavirus health pandemic was declared to provide emotional and physical support to people who needed it through video conferencing tools.

From its own website, the person interested in the service had the option to directly choose the person who was going to pay their attention and request the appointment online. Beyond the need to give good care and support to Suara’s teams, and according to the principle of social responsibility and proximity, it was decided to open the service to society in general, so that everyone could use it for free.