Suara Cooperativa has adhered to the manifesto of the "Movement to Stop Abuse of the Elderly", coinciding with the commemoration of the World Day of Conscience on the Abuse of the Big People, on June 15. Here you can read the full content:

Movement to strengthen the mortgage to great people

The entities under the signatories gather together to express our absolute rejection of the ill-treatment of the elderly and we want to make public our will to work together to eradicate it through prevention, awareness and actions against ill-treatment.

Ageism, discrimination due to age, is defined as a "process of discrimination and stereotyping in a systematic way towards elderly people due to the fact of being old" (R.Butler), and this is Discrimination substrates many situations of abuse to elderly people.

WHO estimates that 1 out of every 10 elderly people are ill-treated, and this figure is underestimated because only one in 24 cases is reported.

The silence of the victims can be motivated by different causes: by contradictory feelings when mistreatment occurs in a trusted environment, fear of reprisals, social isolation, lack of awareness, or because of cognitive impairment.

Unfortunately, these facts occur very frequently and are presented in different ways: economic abuse, physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment and other violations of rights.

We are committed to:

  • Do joint and coordinated actions to prevent abuse of elderly people.
  • To spread the legal resources of prevention as a measure of protection for those with the capacity to decide (Autotutela, Preventive Power, Assistant, Protected Heritage, etc.) as well as protection measures for those who can not decide for themselves (Disability and Precautionary Measures)
  • To undertake awareness, information and training actions that reach relatives, institutions, professionals, elderly people and the rest of society.
  • Involve the media in the treatment of the elderly and the dissemination of ill-treatment to the elderly.
  • Commemorate World Awareness Day Day on Bullying for the Elderly, on June 15.
  • Promote effective and coordinated mechanisms for assistance, counseling, anonymous complaint and protection. Among them, the creation of a specific, free and confidential telephone for abused people.
  • To demand fast and effective justice for the ill-treated elderly people.