Suara Cooperativa makes a clear commitment to work related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Organization of the United Nations (Agenda 2030). In his day to day, through the activity of care services for people, he works with the aim of achieving the goals End of poverty, Health and welfare, Quality education, Gender equality, Decent work and Economic growth, Reduction of inequalities and Responsible production and consumption. Thus, the commitment to generate positive impacts in the community in which it develops its activity, with a clear vocation to transform the social environment, collected in the mission of the Cooperative.

Beyond ordinary activity, Suara is committed to finding additional and complementary impacts. This year 2019 is conducting the third edition of the Environmental Transformation Projects to reinvest socially a part of the economic results of the previous year, focusing especially on the objectives of Gender Equality and Health and Well-being.

In 2018, in the second edition of this extraordinary initiative, the funds were earmarked to finance seven projects that responded to the objective Fam Zero, with a contribution of € 5,000 each. The chosen projects respond to the ‘Suara with the services’ (to reinvest in initiatives linked to the projects managed by the Cooperative), ‘Close to Suara’ (investing in ideas of the own territory) and ‘Suara in the world’ (betting on the transformation with international character).

The projects promoted in 2018 responded to initiatives to guarantee food accompaniment to people over 18 after emancipating or people in a situation of sensellarism, taking surpluses of food cooked in schools, generating healthy eating habits, to train farmers or to expand a garden in Senegal, among others.