The AVI (Association for Independent Living), an entity promoting projects such as the Center for Independent Living (CVI), has incorporated Suara Cooperativa into its project as a promoting partner. Together with Mutual Mèdica, they will be the two entities in charge of promoting the new model of the future for the care of vulnerable people.

The assembly of the Association for Independent Living (AVI) has agreed, this April, the entry of Suara Cooperativa as a promoting partner in the organization. It has also been agreed that Mutual Mèdica will become a promoting partner, continuing its relationship with the entity. The two entities will be in charge of strengthening the association and its objectives, as well as creating new services for the benefit of the people.

This alliance aims to revolutionize the way we care for the most vulnerable. Under the proposed new model, personal services (such as Home Care, Social and Prevention Services, Family Care) must be combined with support products and technology. The commitment to these three pillars, always putting the person at the center, will allow us to create new ambitious projects for the future, which will have an impact on improving the quality of life of the people cared for.

This new model for the future also has the commitment of the other AVI partner entities. Together with the promoting partners, the Ictus Foundation, Alzheimer Catalunya, FATEC, Grup Mutuam and Mútua de Propietarios also support this vision.

AVI is a non-profit association, with the aim of promoting a new model of the future in the care of people where support products are taken into account (From wheelchairs or articulated beds, to to cranes or bath chairs) and technology. The association has published several scientific studies, carried out in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​demonstrating the economic and technical viability of this model. The commitment also includes the incorporation of technology for the direct care of people, updating methodologies to the latest technical innovations.

The incorporation of Suara Cooperativa as a promoting partner of AVI brings the projects of the partner organizations closer to the new model of the future, and to a new paradigm of attention that seeks to revolutionize the way of doing and understanding the response to the needs of people.