Suara Cooperativa has created the distinctive 'Safe Space' and 'Safe Service' to make visible its commitment to hygiene, safety and compliance with all the basic measures recommended by health authorities to stop the spread of Covid-19 in spaces and services managed. With this initiative, in addition, collective co-responsibility is used to stop the spread of the virus by following these measures at all times with the utmost rigor.

Taking into account that zero risk does not exist, the label wants to remind people attended, professionals and family members of the importance of adopting the basic recommendations, to achieve a clean and safe environment for all.

The own stamps ‘Safe Space’ and ‘Safe Service’ give visibility to the vocation of service from the preventive spirit of the cooperative, offering a quality service in the framework of the exceptional situation. The objective is to ensure health from tranquility and community cooperation to ensure that hygienic and sanitary measures are followed in the new stage.

Apart from cleaning hands, the safety distance and the use of masks, in all spaces and services, general measures are constantly remembered and the necessary measures are taken following established protocols when it is detected that a person shows possible symptoms.


The Coronavirus Suara website is still open, responding to current needs, after strict confinement and guiding the resumption of activity in closed spaces and services for weeks as a preventive measure. The website is accessible in