A delegation of three people of Suara Cooperativa participated last 25th and 26th January in a training session at the University of Mondragón to share the model of participation of Suara and her good practices of corporate social responsibility. The training itinerary followed by the members of the Cooperative who want to join the organization and the participative actions is based in the attention of the participants.

Between the most highlighted actions of participation there are the Tutors Project, the Coffees with the Governing Board or the societal routes, which impulse in a positive way the integration and the implication of the cooperative business model of Suara.

The visit was attended by the president of the Governing Board, Montserrat Pujol, the vocal of the Governing Board, Esther Mateu, and the responsible of the societal participation, Isabel Casado. The displacement to the Basque country also allowed to meet the participation experience of Eroski and Fagor Ederlan, companies which are integrated in the Mondragón Corporación Corporativa (MCC) group.