Suara Cooperativa has been the winner of the Impacta Award that recognizes projects led by the People Management Area with a positive impact within the organization and granted by the Factor Humà Foundation. The recognition lies in the development and implementation by Suara of an online consultable guide aimed at the support of professionals who undergo a cancer process.

Mónica Vázquez, Director of the People Area of ​​Suara Cooperativa, picked up the award from Pilar Jiménez, Director of Human Resources and Organization of APM Terminals, the winner of the Impacta last year. Jiménez stated that, with this guide "elaborated in a participatory manner, they adapt Suara’s protocols to make a good accompaniment in the most vulnerable moments of the people and ensure that they do not do so in an intrusive, direct or interpellant manner". He also explained that "the award of the Impacta Award does not want anything other than to help make this commendable initiative known and to serve as an example for many other organizations."

Mónica Vázquez expressed her gratitude and explained that this project "has been done with the head but born from the heart and aims to provide tools and unify criteria for professionals who share a fact, unfortunately, frequent in the workplace."

At the same gala, held on June 4, 2019 at the CaixaForum of Barcelona with more than 300 people, the Buff® textile company was also recognized with the Factor Humà Mercè Sala Award. This award is aimed at organizations and projects that are the practical realization of the principles and values ​​that the Catalan economist and politician Mercè Sala represented -human model, innovation, pragmatism and global vision-.