Suara Cooperativa was present on February 20 and 22 at Firactiva't, the fair of activities and good practices in the field of criminal execution that took place at the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training of the Department of Justice.

The Minister of Justice of the Generalitat, Ester Capella, knew and tried in first person an experience aimed at people who committed traffic offenses that Suara develops in partnership with the IReS Foundation: through glasses that simulate the effect Drinking alcohol or consuming drugs makes people aware of the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Within the framework of the same Firactiva’t, another alternative measures project by the Suara Cooperativa and the IReS Foundation was used to simulate situations of gender violence through virtual reality glasses in which the participant is in The place of the victim and made a presentation in the speaker corner format of an intercultural mediation service that Suara does in penitentiary centers.

The Firactiva’t presented a hundred activities, such as demonstrations of debates between prisoners, conflict resolution activities through board games, juice workshops and milkshakes, road safety courses with simulation glasses, meetings Speed ​​drafts, radio programs, the production of letters of forgiveness to the victim or the presentation of the operation of the accompaniment service in court to the victim.

The Fair is divided into five areas: solidarity, personal growth, gender perspective, information and communication technologies and the improvement of coexistence.