The director of social management of Mondragón Corporate Center, Zigor Ezpeleta, delivered on 20 March at Suara Cooperativa the conference "People, leadership, participation and future", within the framework of one of the spaces of corporate participation of Suara. Ezpeleta, representing the main cooperative group of the State, defended in front of a hundred members the contribution of each and every one of the people that are part of the cooperative from their place of work: "The normal people he makes extraordinary things."

Ezpeleta argues that cooperative experience crosses three key areas: the person (who learns throughout life and acts in solidarity and cooperation), the organization (which must be competitive and profitable so that it can guarantee that a project is accompanied social) and society (to provide equitable distribution of wealth and create opportunities to guarantee social justice).

When highlighting the virtues of the cooperative model, Zigor Ezpeleta highlighted aspects such as the protection that the cooperative guarantees to its partners and partners, the strength of the inter-cooperation between the group’s organizations, School, co-responsability or democratic management to make complicated decisions to move forward the organization. He also highlighted the strength of making changes in the first person, with the capacity to adapt to the changes, the ability to work day by day from the values ​​of the Cooperative and to work with sense to guarantee the satisfaction of the workplace.

The talk of Zigor Ezpeleta was complemented by a debate open to the people attending the talk, framed in the program of corporate participation of Suara Cooperativa.