Social services


“Participation by people at risk or in situations of social exclusion in our work plans has proved to be the most ideal. When the person is empowered and you provoke real participation processes, the results are more positive and permanent.” (Suara Partner)

Suara Cooperative is a key organisation in the social services sector, with 30 years experience behind it.

We manage services that answer to people’s different needs in the course of their life, on the basis of innovation, with high standards of quality and creating new services that have set a trend. The person cared for, the client and the settings are the key elements of this service.

Satisfaction on the part of the person receiving it is intrinsic to the satisfaction of the contracting party and vice-versa.


  • RESIDENTIAL SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS who are in temporary care or in long-term residential care.
    • CRAE L’Albera (Figueres)• CRAE Fluvià (Olot)
    • CRAE Can Tai (Taialà)• CRAE La Llar Collserola (Barcelona)
    • CRAE La Llar (Barcelona)• Centre d’Acollida Terres de l’Ebre (Amposta)
    • CRAE Ter (Girona)

  • CHILD ABUSE ASSESSMENT TEAMS, who advise and decide together with the hospital network what actions to take in cases of abuse or suspected abuse.
    • EVAMI (Amposta) 

  • DIAGNOSTIC TEAMS, who undertake initial observation and diagnosis of children and adolescents taken into care and of their families.
    • Diagnostic Equipment Terres de l’Ebre (Amposta) 

  • SPECIALISED ACCOMPANIMENT SERVICES for young people in care or just out of care.
  • • SAEJ Girona 

  • SHELTERED FLATS for young people in care or just out of care from 16 to 18 or adults.
  • SERVICES IN DAY CENTRES FOR CHILDREN, leisure centres that operate outside school hours in order to focus on the needs of children and their families.
    • Centre of Adolescents and Young Llops del Taga (Barcelona)• School and leisure Bon Pastor (Barcelona)
    • Open Center Glamparetes (Barcelona)• Open Center St. Martí (Barcelona)
    • Open Center Torre Baró (Barcelona)• Open centers de Girona (8 Centers)
    • Youth Space Palafrugell 

  • VISITING PLACE FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN CARE, a safe, neutral meeting-place to help improve relations with parents and families.
    • EVIA Barcelona 

Women and family

  • SHORT-STAY HOMES for women with children at risk or in situations of domestic violence.
    • Shelter Marialar (Barcelona) 

  • DAY CENTRES for children and their families to cover attention, prevention and detection of risk situations.
    • CD Font de la Pòlvora (Girona) 

  • MEETING-PLACES for families with their children and adolescents in a neutral setting that favours family relations when these can not develop in the usual shared living space.
  • FAMILY SETTING, that provides support to families for their children’s upbringing and education.
    • Family Space St. Martí (Barcelona)• Maternal and Child Space Badalona
    • Maternal and Child Space Mimos (Barcelona)• Maternal and Child Space Rull (Barcelona)
    • Maternal and Child Space Sant Cosme (El Prat de Llobregat)• Maternal and Child Space Sant Feliu de Llobregat
    • Maternal and Child Space Santa Coloma (Sta. Coloma de Gramanet)• Maternal and Child Space Trencaclosques (Molins de Rei)
    • PAIDOS Barceloneta (Barcelona)• PAIDOS Sant Adrià del Besòs

Social inclusion

Attention to people in situations of social exclusion and to homeless people focus mainly on personal, professional and specialised care services, social and medical support and coverage of basic needs, as well as basic
services such as meals in soup kitchens, hygiene, locker rooms, laundry, etc.

We manage residential services – both in urgent and social emergency accommodation and in long-term accommodation – and community work to relieve situations of social exclusion.
• Referents Girona Project Referents Project• Limited Stay Center Els Alps (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

• First Drop-in Center Sarrià (Barcelona) • Centre SARA (Sabadell)
• Integral Equipment Zona Franca (Barcelona)