Som Benestar is committed to the care of working people in companies

Suara Cooperativa took an active part in the 2021 edition of the Mobile World Congress to present Som Benestar (We are welfare), a project promoted free of charge during the pandemic that aims to take care of working people in the company. The presentation, given by the Director of Innovation, Jordi Picas, took place at the stand of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation with the title “Psychological accompaniment through the distance”. It was within the framework of m4Social, which addressed the digital transformation in the third sector and will present various digitization projects developed by other social organizations.

Som Benestar is currently aimed at companies and offers people working in companies individual or group sessions, online, emotional support, physical or healthy advice: physiotherapy, relaxation, ergonomics, stretching, stress, support, grief process, children and family, among others. The Som Benestar sessions translate into an improved work climate, customer and employee satisfaction, greater creativity and initiatives, increased commitment to the company and better performance and productivity.

During the four days of the MWC, Suara was present at the congress, learning about experiences of digitalization, well-being and mental health, among others.