After the first fortnight, it is time to take stock. The Covid-19 health emergency is a challenge that has hit our society, way of life and organizations hard. An unprecedented crisis that has put us on alert and has demanded a forceful, coordinated action, attending to the urgencies and needs of the moment. At Suara Cooperativa we have lived these days with great intensity. All the professionals of the cooperative have turned energetically oriented towards a challenge and main objective: to guarantee and preserve the attention to the most vulnerable people in a situation of extreme sensitivity. Today we continue to work in this line, aware of the great work that still lies ahead of us.

In this context, it has been essential to implement a series of actions to respond to the concerns and worries in record time, under the slogan #SuaraRespon. Making clear our intrinsic commitment to accompany people and respond in difficult times and also assuming at the same time that in order to respond efficiently, we must first listen and understand, based on empathy and mutual support.

Initially, we have set up a special web page on the Coronavirus to provide service information on the state of alarm and recommendations to the public, especially during the period of confinement. A tool that provides accurate information and neutralizes "rumorology". The portal includes articles and videos especially aimed at children and elderly people, as well as recommendations for well-being and teleworking. It is a portal that is constantly updated to provide an agile response.

This portal is complemented by the citizen helpline, to answer any social questions that may arise from the current exceptional situation. The telephone number 937.069.017 is operational from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

In addition, we have launched a challenge on social networks to coincide with the declaration of the state of alarm. An initiative that wants to value the task that the social sector is developing these days and the commitment of all citizens, along with all the groups that are facing the virus.

The challenge consists of explaining on social networks the actions that have been done during the day for the benefit of or with the community, using the hashtag #JoSocSocial, nominating a family member, friend or friend, and mentioning @suaracoop. In the first days of operation, initiatives such as hanging poetry on the ladder, helping elderly people carry their groceries home, taking down a neighbor's garbage or simply singing with the neighborhood from balconies and windows have been known.

And finally, we have created a new online service called Sudara en Casa from where we offer support and psychological care and access to coaches and physiotherapists. A project born from adaptability and active listening to the real needs of the environment. We want to respond to the need of citizens for emotional and physical care because of the exhaustion produced by the situation.

Sudara en Casa is an initiative that offers emotional care or physical recommendations free of charge but with the option of making a donation that will go entirely to the research on Covid-19, driven by the #JoEmCorono movement. The more than 1000 visits in a few hours that the portal had at the time of its launch, certify the interest in the resource and the vocation of solidarity and cooperation of our society.

In short, a whole set of measures that we have implemented in a very short time and adapting to the demands of the crisis and to give a humble and close response to both professionals and people served, without forgetting all the internal communication actions that have been strengthened with the opening of new channels.

All this would not be possible without the great work done every day by thousands of professionals throughout the territory and from the different services managed by the cooperative. Therefore, I do not want to finish without thanking them for all their efforts. To all of them I have only words of thanks. A work done with a vocation of service, sensitivity, dedication and social commitment. We continue to listen, innovate, respond and act.

Thank you for being there!


Tomàs Llompart. Co-CEO of Suara Cooperativa