Suara Cooperativa took part in the ‘Cafés con Aroma a Economía Social’ on Friday 22 April in Santiago de Compostela, a meeting place for executives from the main social economy companies in Galicia at the initiative of Foro pola Economía Social Galega.

Suara's co-general director, Tomàs Llompart, took advantage of his speech at the conference to highlight the governance model and participation in the Cooperative's management models. Suara is committed to an open participation model, understood as a right for everyone and a responsibility of the members. At the same time, it is a tool for sharing people's abilities, a strategy for generating a sense of belonging, an instrument for partners to feel satisfied with work, a guarantee of legitimacy in decisions, a foundation of the governance model, the engine. of the renovation and the way to be permanently in Suara.

The conference held in Santiago de Compostela showed that the impact of the social economy in Galicia is more than 74,000 members and exceeds 851 million euros, according to advanced data from a study that will be made public on May 4th.