The medical services company Suanity has integrated its activity within Suara Cooperativa. Suanity was promoted in 2016 and has deployed personalized programs for health at each stage of life and depending on the individual needs of each person and their family, to complement the activity of the services of attention to people from the field social service provided by Suara.

This incorporation of Suanity will allow to take a further step towards social and health integration and offer, now through Suara Cooperativa, more global services in accordance with the needs of attention to current and future people, maintaining and improving quality standards that have been lent to this day.

The differential value of Suanity is its model of attention and accompaniment, putting the person at the center to regain control of their health. The priority of these programs is that the person served can remain at home and in their environment, close to their home and increasing the quality of life of the people.

This branch of activity has programs for palliative care, support for the oncological patient and care for people with advanced chronic diseases, as well as a specialized consultation in Barcelona. All these programs include specialized attention at home and personalized telephone assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by health professionals, medical, health, psychological, physiotherapeutic and social care.

The beginnings of Suanity in 2016 and the opening of a specialized store in Balmes street in Barcelona gave continuity to the company specialized in palliative care Paliaclínic, founded in 2007 by Dr. Joan Carles Trallero, who remains linked to the project.