Suara Cooperativa has activated a guide aimed at accompanying professionals of the organization who go through a cancer process and their reincorporation to the workplace once the disease has passed. This edition of the Guide to accompany people with cancer coincides with the commemoration of World Cancer Day, next Monday, February 4, with the slogan "I am and I will" (#IAmAndIWill). Statistics indicate that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will suffer cancer in their lives.

When a companion informs the company that he or she has a cancer, a door opens to changes. These changes can cause anguish, fears, worries, doubts and uncertainties, added to visits and medical treatments, and bureaucratic procedures in the workplace. Suara Cooperativa, an ethical company, with values and socially responsible, empathizes with these situations and seeks global answers for each person on the during and after the disease: the protocols are adapted to make a good accompaniment in the most vulnerable moments of the people. To assure the person an adequate accompaniment in their reincorporation, the Cooperative looks for the best alternatives that guarantee their well-being.

More information on the guide and access to the entire document, by clicking here.