Suara’s General Assembly has approved the reinvestment of part of the surplus to the transformation of the environment, making a new exercise in corporate social responsibility. Members of the cooperative will choose one of 17 the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will provide budget to a minimum of 10 projects. It shows the social commitment of Suara, based on the principles of social economy and the non-profit organization.

The year 2016, endorsed by the General Assembly held on June 10 at the Fira de Girona, closed with a growth of jobs (3,284 in 31st December). A total of 1,074 of these places were occupied by members of the Cooperative.

This growth is the result of an increase in the number of projects managed by Suara (205 services in 2016) and the number of people attended (40,344 people in 2016). The turnover of Suara, meanwhile, also grew in 2016 and stood at € 75,967,541, An increase of 12.65% compared to the year 2015. The equity were increased and stood at € 14,961,968, which strengthens the financial solvency of the Cooperative.

You can download the Sustainability Report 2016.