The entities of the third sector of Salt, among which there is Suara Cooperativa, have created the Board of Social Entities of Salt, the TESS, to work in a network for the citizenship of the municipality and to generate spaces for action and coordination among the entities. Thus, the Bureau is committed to taking a step forward in the culture of collaborative work by putting the people of Salt at the center of the action.

The main objectives of the TESS are to increase the positive impact on the social intervention that takes place in the territory, and to favor communication and information in relation to the programs and actions that are carried out, as well as the networks in which each of the entities that are part of the Board participates.

Another of the objectives of the Bureau is to directly affect situations detected that require an urgent action of prevention or intervention and to take the voice of the groups with whom it works before the administrations.

The entities that are part are Associació Vincle, Caritas Salt, Casal dels Infants, Creu Roja, Federació Esportiva Catalana de Paralítics Cerebrals, Federació d’Esports Catalana de Persones amb Discapacitat Física, Fundació Astres, Fundació Gentis, Fundació Grup Ramon Noguera, Fundació Intermedia, Fundació SER.GI, Fundación Atenea, Nou Sol, Suara Cooperativa, and Valentes i Acompanyades. However, the Board encourages all entities that carry out actions in Salt to adhere to work together.