Participation model

To participate is to influence, to involve, to feel part of a group, to commit, to be proactive… To participate is to decide and to do with everyone. In Suara we understand the participation as a right of all and a responsibility of the members. It is also a tool to share people skills, a strategy to createsense of belonging, a tool to make member satisfied with work, a guarantee of legitimacy in decisions, a basis of the governance model, a motor of renovation and a way to be permanently in Suara.

In a cooperative, people are the priority and take precedence over money. To participate is not just a tool to obtain economic business objectives, it is a human right in our democratic society, a need that we have to feel good and grow as people. The participation is the specific way which a cooperative is organized. To manage a cooperative or a commercial organisation can’t be the same, because democracy and participation have to be appreciated at all. Without participation there isn’t a cooperative. The cooperative is the participative company par excellence.

Model de participació de Suara


Areas of participation

Operative participation

This is the participation of members and employed people on daily work-related issues. The main purpose is to ensure that every person can manage his own work. The majority of the daily decisions are managed directly by people, teams and services.

Company participation

This is the participation of member people on the cooperative general affairs, beginning with the property participation, which is performed by the compulsory capital contribution to be a member.

Strategic participation

This is the participation of member people on future cooperative issues. The future cooperative arrangements need a joint construction of decisions.

Community participation

This is the participation in cooperative social life. Cooperatives promote interpersonal relations and create confidence, knowledge and sense of belonging. These are the pillars of cooperation and teamwork.

Diagnose of the participation model: Hobest, SCCL
Ideation and coordination: L’Apòstrof, SCCL
Illustration: LaCol Cooperativa
© Suara Cooperativa, 2016

Suara’s participation model has received the first 2017 La Confederació prize in the category of Democratic Management.
La Confederació

This material has been cofinanced by the European Social Fund within the framework of thematic objective 8: “to obtain quality formation and occupation”.

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