Suara has been present at the 3rd Conference 10 × 10 Capsules of Social Innovation, a day where 10 innovative experiences have been shared, with the aim among others to obtain new tools to address the new social reality. The different entities that work for and with people, faced with the new needs have stopped to rethink and see how they could improve their services in response to the needs of people at all times. Experiences such as "Coopmercat Distribution + Door to door", "Social impact purse card" or "Recooperem: kitchen to share" are just three examples.

These 10 innovation projects in the field of social services, give the opportunity to learn about good practices, inspire us, motivate us .... But what is really important of these initiatives is the facilitation of a space to stop and reflect on good practices and innovative experiences that our services are already doing. Not every innovation implies a technological deployment. The experience of the real cases shows cases directly related to the improvement of the service and attention to people without introducing technologies.

Given the economic and social situation in which we find ourselves, many resources have had to adapt and reinvent themselves. This has already been a form of innovation. As was evident in the conference, "we are all artists, we are all innovators".

The conference concluded with a presentation on Ethical considerations on social innovation by Begoña Román Maestre, a presentation to reflect on ethics and innovation itself. With this article I would like to share with you all those aspects that have made me stop, think and question:

  • Ethics is born from indignation, it is a commitment to transform the world.
  • Innovation is not fashion, but a necessity and a duty for all of us.
  • If we do not have or set criteria, we can fall into innovation. 
  • Ethics questions what quality of life is.
  • It is people who should benefit from innovation.
  • As professionals we often have too much control over people's lives. That is why we must take control of them, always promoting their participation.

Innovation is present in our day-to-day work, in everything we do, everything that benefits and facilitates people. We will continue to advance and improve our professional practice through our services, where the person is the protagonist of every action. Innovation must be able to answer for what and for whom it is best.

As Marcel Proust says, "the only true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in looking with new eyes".

Esther Mateu. Suara's Innovation Impulse Group